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Victory 3

Stood out to catch the meteor shower tonight. Saw a few, but perhaps the most underrated part of viewing a meteor shower is the waiting, as the pieces of comet debris have no pattern of streaking across the sky. All the time in between the wonderment leaves one to think. Thought about the grand scale of the universe, a subject I’ve been giving much thought to recently. It struck me how the blackness of the night sky may seem like a ceiling, as our eyes can’t see any farther or through what appears to be just a black sheet with shimmering dots. Yet in reality, the night sky is a practically infinite window into the expanding plane of existence. I find the window to have a much nicer view.


They all like you high?
And all like no you just dunno wat its like to be in my head all da tyme
(lolyes ambien)
-not john